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Christian Education Europe provides professional support and service to Christian Schools and Home Schools in UK & Europe.

Christian Education Europe (CEE) is a ministry based near Swindon that has played, and is playing, a significant role in the lives of many hundreds of families. These are non-denominational Christian ministries, giving support in edification, education and encouragement so that parents may bring up children in the manner supported by the word of God, the Bible.

The purpose of CEE is to promote biblical Christian education in the UK and Europe. CEE believes that biblical Christian education, at school or at home, is the best form of education. By strengthening and supporting families, the ministry helps to benefit marriages, children, the local church, the local community and ultimately the nation and the world. Christian Education Europe also helps churches and other groups of Christians set up and maintain successful, firmly established Christian schools and larger home schools.

Christian Education Europe is a limited company that provides many services, products and publications, as well as giving active encouragement and advice.